Welcome to the Pokemon Images and gif website!!

1. If you have a gif, png or jpg image please email them to me along with your name and I'll put them up on the site for others to use.

2. they can be Pokemon or Trainers

3. They can be drawn by you or pictures you have found, the background has to be clear of anything, no background, the images will be used by other people so they can use them in banners or their own website.

4. Most of enjoy my site, I don't have much I just started.

5. and to send the images please send them to this email:

6. please make sure that when you send a image its ether a pokemon picture that you have done and not someone else please, its not nice to take something that isn't yours and I'll get yelled at for being on my site.
So if that does ever happen, please email me nicely asking me to take the image down that someone has sent.

7. even animation gifs can be sent.
 I do not own pokemon, I just draw them for fun and allow others to enjoy the images and hope others can help out with images as will to allow the site to grow bigger.
This site was created Oct 24, 2008
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